Are you searching for a freehold office for sale in Singapore?

At present, many people are willing to start a business in Singapore and they are looking for the best office space. When you search for a freehold office for sale Singapore, then there are several office buildings owned by the REITS or corporations for investment. In the central region of Singapore, you can find the most options of island wide strata title office areas.  

Buy or rent office space in Singapore:

The business professionals can have an opportunity of both renting and buying the office space as per your requirements. It completely depends on your own decision. If your company has sufficient cash flow and healthy funds, you can own ideal office area in any part of Singapore. If you have only insufficient budget and you want to pay monthly basis, you can go for the office rental options.

In Singapore, there are only lowest amount of interests for the monthly repayments of mortgage. Owning the office will not ask you to pay the monthly repayments and you have to spend only the capital amount for your property. But renting the office will cover the mortgage which should be paid in due time.

Different types of the Singapore offices for sale:

For the small size businesses, it is a great barrier to get the own space for running your office. You can just start your office by renting with the funds in your hand. If you are successfully running a business, you can quickly own your office in the central region. Here is a list of some comprehensive and popular freehold office for sale Singapore and also the rental areas what you need.

  • Havelock II
  • Samsung Hub
  • Centrium Square
  • Sunshine Plaza
  • Vision Exchange
  • Prudential Tower
  • Far East Finance Building
  • Chinatown Point
  • 111 Somerset
  • Axa Tower
  • Hexacube
  • Paya Lebar Square
  • CT Hub 2
  • GSH Plaza and etc.

All these commercial places offered are located in the different districts of Singapore having a plenty of office spaces to rent or buy as you require for your business

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