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Professional Windows & Doors Installation

Whether you are building a new house or you want to provide a window replacement or an entry door installation, look no further than SuperWindows Windows and Doors.

Our Toronto based replacement windows business is a squad of trained technicians, real experts in building and repairing windows and doors. Our primary goal is to provide consumers in GTA and Toronto with the best quality services: repair and installation of locks, entry doors, etc .. In fact, we are able to assist you with the construction of home replacement windows and doors, not just in Toronto but also in its neighboring areas, so please call us at any time!

Our business solely provides high quality facilities using the lowest available performance content. Our doors and windows are recognised as the finest on the market, with advantages such as aesthetic beauty, energy savings and health.

When a Full Replacement Windows Makes Sense

For certain cases the wisest option would be complete window replacement for Toronto. It involves repairing the whole window and cover, right down to the studs. Below you can find certain instances where replacement of the complete window is advised.

If your energy efficiency is a factor for replacing windows

When you haven’t patched or replaced your windows for some time, you may risk money on your electricity costs, as well as your home’s comfort level. We use only the latest technologies and state-of-the-art facilities at SuperWindows Windows and Doors to make our windows and gates. Both our windows are welded in fusion at the edges of the frames to create an airtight seal which can endure tough environment. The windows follow the criteria of ENERGY STAR and go above them.

Window Replacement Cost

If you are considering upgrading the style of your windows

Complete window replacement is the perfect option if you choose to change the glass interior and exterior trim. We sell a wide variety of PVC jamb extensions, corner blocks, and trimming options in a broad range of colours.

If there are issues with the existing frames

The key reason homeowners ask for a complete window overhaul is because of certain problems with their original window frames. The structural integrity of the frame will encompass such issues as that wood rot. This could not only increase your energy bills but also cause health problems for all residents. Moisture causes rotting of the windows and leads to mold problems. Total window repair is the safest option for the vent made of rotten wood or for a badly broken window frame.

You should go for a window retrofit when you choose to remove the whole window due to corrosion or other problems such as rotting wood. Newer houses and older homes with sturdy and high-quality timber frames are the ideal candidates for replacing the glass. Below are several other cases where a retrofit is a more suitable choice.

 Window Replacement Cost

If seeking to decide the best rates for windows, you need to know the windows model, method of installation and where they should be installed. Can cost between $250 and $6000

If you are only replacing the window glass

Thanks of the advances in window glass technologies, there are now a wide variety of choices for glass products. Those include, but are not limited to, Low-E glass and warm-edge spacers. Warm edge technology will dramatically boost both the home’s energy quality and general comfort level. Often, triple glazing Low-Emissivity windows may have superior insulation. Whether you have single pane glass, broken or transparent glass, retrofit windows are a feasible window replacement option.

If the existing trim and frames are still in working condition

A retrofit frame, also referred to as a sash-only replacement or cover, is always a smart option, because it is less costly than installing a whole frame. In fact, it can also help with energy conservation, convenience and styling. Whether the original window frames have been properly designed and are still in decent working order, retrofit windows are a reasonable option. What’s more, you’ll be able to maintain your current trim both inside and outside as it won’t make an aspect in the process of installation.

Consult with the SuperWindows Windows and Doors team to find out where the alternative would better match your needs.

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