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Color Contact Lenses

Contact lenses quickly replace regular glasses, be it as a vision correction tool or as a fashion accessory. Contacts are easy to use, maintain, repair and clean, and less visible than glasses. They have higher aesthetics than regular glasses and can fix various eye problems. Olens contact lenses are available in different shades and colours and can be exchanged according to user requirements. There are two types of contacts, the rigid gas permeable contact lens and the soft contact lens.

They offer the best view among all other contact lenses so that your eyes can quickly adapt to them in a short time. They are comfortable and convenient to carry and easy to take off. The care and maintenance of these lenses are healthy because they have a long lifespan when handled correctly. Nevertheless, lens wearers have to visit opticians regularly to monitor maintenance and replacement. RGP lenses are usually more slippery than other lenses and are easy to get foreign objects into the eye and must, therefore, be worn and handled with the most excellent care and attention.

Soft lenses contain a combination of soft polymer plastic and water, and oxygen can easily pass through these lenses to ensure healthy eyes. Most of them are also equipped with UV protection to protect the eyes from the harmful sun rays. There are several types of soft contacts, including 1-day disposable lenses that are replaced with new ones every day. It is ideal for people who cannot regularly clean and maintain conventional contact lenses, especially for people who travel a lot. It is also suitable for people whose lenses often need to be cleaned in one day due to irritation caused by eye protein production. Although more expensive than most single-use contact lenses, they minimize the risk of eye infections and offer the user a higher level of comfort.

Color Contact Lenses

Disposable silicone-based soft contact lenses with extended wearing comfort made of silicone hydrogel allow the user to use them for one month with the worry of replacement. They require more cleaning compared to daily disposable contact lenses but are relatively cheaper. Cleanup is needed, but not in large quantities as with the latest lenses. Compared to rigid gas permeabilities, these contacts allow less protein formation and less risk of eye infections.

High-resolution lenses are designed for users who need a better and brighter view at night. They provide a sharper look and filter the light for more comfort. Get the best information and more from

Toric contact lenses have been developed for users with astigmatism and are available as both soft and RGP contact lenses. Toric contacts for astigmatism usually have two types of curvatures, one to correct astigmatism and the other to correct myopia or farsightedness.

Prosthetic lenses have been specially developed for users with eye diseases, natural eye defects or users with eye defects and disfigurements caused by trauma and help to hide these eye defects. Some are also designed to protect the eyes from deterioration caused by too much light entering the eye and to keep the excess lights away, providing the user with much-needed relief and comfort.

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