Adhesive Vinyl: an ideal material for printing your graphic and advertising products

The Adhesive Vinyl is a widely used material for the production of graphics and advertising. It is, in fact, an extremely versatile support suitable for printing, deriving from the processing of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a flexible and resistant plastic material . It is chosen for its particular properties, which make it suitable for numerous contexts of use and applications:

Decoration of walls, windows, floors, surfaces of vehicles and company vehicles label printing in Douglasville.

  • Preparation of exhibition stands and promotional banquets.
  • Creation of directional signs and posters.
  • Printing of labels and stickers for packaging and wrapping.

There are two basic types:

Monomeric Adhesive Vinyl : it is a support characterized by a greater thickness and a smaller presence of PVC inside. This makes it economical, but suitable for medium or short-term use, especially on curved or irregular surfaces.

Polymeric Adhesive Vinyl : it is more elastic and adaptable to any type of surface. It ensures a greater seal even for prolonged use over time, and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Laminated Adhesive Vinyl: when high definition and resistance meet

Vinyl is a stress sensitive material. Prolonged exposure to sunlight or frequent contact with other solid bodies could damage the surface and compromise its appearance. For this reason, a lamination is often applied to the surface , which ensures a much longer duration over time of the substrate and a better print resistance. The Laminated Vinyl therefore allows to obtain a high resolution of the details and bright colors, without sacrificing the resistance of a material designed to last a long time even in outdoor environments.

Print your ideas on Vinyl with Pixartprinting

At Pixartprinting we use Adhesive Vinyl to produce quality self – adhesive substrates , characterized by a high print definition and particularly bright colors. You have the possibility to print your projects and shape the promotional or decorative product that is ideal for you, quickly and easily. Within our online catalog you can discover a wide range of adhesive vinyl products, all rigorously customizable and made to measure according to your needs.

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