Functions of an advocate

 The profession of an advocate or a lawyer functions to defend the interests of the community and its clients.  Almost everyone who faces a problem in the legal field in this reform era tends to use the services of an advocate.  Moreover, in the context of free trade, the existence of an advocate profession is very much needed.

Therefore, in carrying out the function of a lawyer singapore, it is necessary to have an independent advocate profession, meaning that in carrying out his profession defending the community in fighting for justice and legal truth, there is no pressure from any party.  The freedom of the advocate profession in such a way must be guaranteed and protected by law so that its status and position in society is clear so that it can function optimally.

 The function of an advocate or a lawyer in defending the legal interests of his clients or the interests of the community in criminal cases consists of examining the level of investigation and court.

An advocate must function:

  • As a guardian of the constitution and human rights;
  • Fighting for human rights in the rule of law;
  • Implementing a code of ethics for advocates;
  • Upholding the oath of an advocate in the context of upholding law, justice and truth;   Upholding and prioritizing the ideals of the values ​​of justice and truth and morality;
  • Uphold the image of the advocate profession as an honourable profession of Office Nobile;
  • Protect and maintain the independence, freedom, degree and dignity of advocates;
  • Maintain and improve the quality of advocacy services to the community;
  • Handling cases by the advocate’s code of ethics;
  • Defend clients honestly and responsibly;
  • Prevent misuse of expertise and knowledge that is detrimental to society;
  • Maintain the personality of an advocate;

 Maintain good relations with clients and with colleagues among advocates based on honesty, confidentiality, and openness, as well as mutual respect and trust;

  • Maintaining the unity and integrity of advocates to conform to the single organization of advocates;
  • Provide legal service legal services;
  • Provide legal advice legal advice;
  • Provide legal consultation legal consultation;
  • Provide legal opinion legal opinion;
  • Drafting legal drafting contracts;
  • Provide legal information legal information;
  • Defend the interests of litigation clients;
  • Representing clients in a court of legal representation;

Based on the above formulation, an advocate in defending, assisting, representing, acting and in carrying out his duties and functions, must always consider the rights and obligations of the client, the court, himself, the state, as an embodiment to seek the truth and uphold justice.

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