How to Draw Birds

عظمة الهدهد

Correct proportions in your drawing are very important; whatever is drawn afterwards will fail if the proportions are not correct. I saw the students work hard on the drawing, but found that the proportions were clearly wrong and were very disappointed! If you want to avoid this and are happy with your results, you should pay attention to the proportions. First you have to decide what you are going to draw; you want to draw all or part of the bird [in this case]. Once you’ve decided what you’re going to draw, mark the limbs where you want the top, bottom, and sides to end on the paper. Work on decent sized paper, large enough so you don’t have to worry about having all of your drawings on it.

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Next, you have to decide which part of the bird to use. It should be a part that should be neither too small nor too large; in most cases the head is fine. If you are using width, keep using it to avoid confusion. Measure the head with a pencil, pastel or charcoal and slide it from top to bottom across the width of the bird. Next, decide how big the head will be in your drawing, and then plot that measurement into your drawing to get the width and height. Once you are satisfied with this step, you can start working on the other large areas, lightly sketch out their general proportions using head measurement and pencil or charcoal measurement. Selecting one part of the subject to compare with others will allow you to get all the correct proportions to each other.

Drawing the subject

No, you don’t need X-ray eyes for that, just the ability to visualize what is happening with one shape after another. So, if, for example, one leg goes behind the other, it helps to see where it comes out on the other side, if you can visualize what is happening behind the one in front will help you move the corner of your leg to the right, as if it looks from the other side.

Drawing one part is important if you really want to see how the other part is formed. Why at this moment one leg goes over the other?

This will help you understand why one wing protrudes behind the other or behind the body. You can find help in wing shape by examining the one you see.

As for the عظمة الهدهد, you need to understand what is happening under these feathers, and what I will say below will help you with that.

How are birds different?

Birds differ from other animals in that their bodies and limbs are covered with feathers. So, when you come to draw them, it will help you understand that underneath these feathers, to be honest, this is a rather skinny, strange looking creature!

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