Learn about the causes of periodontal disease

Periodontitis is known to be a periodontal disease that is a serious infection of the gums. If left untreated it can damage the bones and teeth. When you find periodontitis at the early stage, the damages could be easily stopped with proper oral hygiene. The field of periodoncia barcelona involves an array of dental issues and treatment options. When patients are with severe or complex gum disease then you might have to see a periodontist.

Causes of periodontal disease:           

There are a lot of reasons that cause gum diseases. Below are some of the most common causes of gum diseases.

Poor dental hygiene:Periodontitis is caused by poor dental hygiene. When you don’t brush teeth properly, the bacteria in your mouth form a substance known as dental plaque. Therefore, to prevent the disease it is recommended to visit a dental clinic regularly and maintain proper oral hygiene. If the bacteria are not removed, it can cause gingivitis that can lead to tooth loss.

Tobacco use:One of the most significant causes of the development of gum disease is due to tobacco use.When people have the habit of smoking for many years then they are more likely to develop gum diseases. Also, the treatments cannot be more effective for people who smoke regularly. It is possible to detect and cure the disease when you visit the dentists regularly. If you do not visit the dentist at the right time, then there are more likely to lose teeth.

Medication:People would take a lot of medicines throughout their lifetime. It can be any pills that can affect the overall condition of teeth and gum making them more susceptible to gum disease. The use of various medications promotes gingival growth, and that leads to gum diseases.

How can periodontitis be treated?

If the periodontitis is not treated properly, then supporting structures of teeth or bones can be destroyed. There are various stages in the periodoncia barcelona. Periodontitis begins with inflammation that you can see some of the discolorations on your teeth and this is known as plaque. In the advanced stages, the teeth begin to deteriorate, and you might experience severe pain or bad breathe. If you find the problem at the early stage, then you can practice oral hygiene and professional cleanings often. If the problem is an advanced level, then you need to undergo a surgical procedure known as bone grafting that may be done to regenerate the lost bone.


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