What are the transmission pulleys?

These kinds of pulleys basically encompass the many as well as varied types of pulleys which we have seen in the market. Ranging from simple, compound or mobile, hoists to the trapezoidal pulley, each of them forms a basic fundamental part of the transmissions. When we refer to the poleas de transmisión, we usually mention the type of pulley which is also known under the name of the motor pulley.

This kind of pulley is basically responsible for transmitting its energy as well as the power it generates through its belt or to another pulley which is at a set separation distance. After all, the main intention of any pulley is to facilitate all of those tasks which require force in order to carry out a movement. In such a case, the pulleys for the transmissions are the most effective type. This is because pulley’s design is specifically designed to be able to carry out this kind of task in the most comfortable as well as an efficient way possible without having to involve some other factors which require a higher cost or some resources.

Trapezoidal pulleys, pulley for transmissions

One kind of pulley which predominates in this set of carriages is the trapezoidal pulley.

Different parts of a pulley

It is never a waste to recall the parts of a pulley in order to better understand how does a pulley should be and what it should accomplish generally and of course it should be a transmission pulley.

  1. Body- the body part is cylindrical or very disk-like in shape. The body basically has holes in its composition so that to reduce the weight on the pulleys.
  2. Cube- the hub is basically the central part of the body; it has a hole where a shaft is usually placed in the middle to make the pulley stay fixed.
  3. Structure- as its name suggests, it is basically the area where the body is housed. On many different occasions, it is provided with a kind of hook so that to anchor it on a wall or any other type of similar surface, be it a ceiling or any place whose site is very optimal for anchoring.
  4. Channel- this is the rail shaped part through which the pulley rope is actually passed and then rolled.

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