Five reasons you need this French Fries Cutter

french fry cutter

Have you ever felt satisfied with French fries, that you have eaten enough and don’t want anymore? No, right? That is because the portion size of French fries is never enough. You also have to share it most of the time. But what if you could make it at home and eat as much as you want comfortably, without spilling a sweat. Buy a French fry cutter and make French fires at your home in minutes.

The Features of the Fries cutter

  1. It is a simple and compact machine that can be stored easily. It does not require electricity or a battery to function and works with a simple hand mechanism.
  1. It is a countertop model, hence easy to handle. It has a suction base and fixes itself on any smooth surface that helps avoid falls or slip accidents. The suction base makes the cutter undertake rough handling without budging.
  1. It comes with two blades—one for your regular fries and the other for shoestring fries. You can also buy attachments for wedges. The blades are made of stainless steel and do not become blunt soon. With the help of these french fry cutter, you can prep mounds of potatoes to be fried within minutes. Since the handle and the blades are safely placed, you can also indulge your kids in the making process. They are sure to enjoy the process as well as the fries.
  1. Now, after all the fries, if you want to make your kids eat healthily, you can use the same cutter to chop veggies like cucumber, carrots, beets, zucchini, and apple strips for kids to eat. Making a salad also becomes easy with this cutter. It could save you a lot of prep time. Do not cut yam or sweet potatoes using this.
  1. Now the cleaning part, the blades are safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher. The machine needs to be hand-washed, however.

Take Away

If you are hosting a party or having a sleepover, you can easily make series at home and save some bucks. It reduces the prepping time by a large margin, and you can get everything ready on time for the party.

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