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The entire process of selling a home can take between two and four months.

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With the internet, you can easily look up real estate agents’ sales histories and certifications to choose the right one. By reviewing their online profiles, learn how long an agent has been in the industry, how many sales they have made a house for sale in Pattaya, and what designations they may hold. An experienced agent does a lot more to earn their fee than just using professional photos. Please pay attention to how and where they market their listings and what they use.

It may be possible for them to help you reach the broadest audience possible and negotiate on your behalf. It will be your responsibility to prepare your home, market it, review buyer offers, negotiate the closing details house for sale in Pattaya and handle all the negotiations if you go it alone. Pre-sale home inspections are optional, but they can be an investment worth making. They can reveal structural and mechanical problems before you list your house.

It may cost a few hundred dollars, but it will alert you in advance of issues buyers might notice later on in the process when they perform a home inspection. When sellers do repairs and other home preparation work, they can speed up the selling process by being a few steps ahead of the buyer.

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It doesn’t make sense to install new granite countertops if you can only break even or lose money on them. If you spend money on expensive upgrades, ensure they have a high return on investment. Also, this may not be necessary to sell your home at top dollar, particularly if inventory levels are low in your area. Here’s where a good realtor can assist.

If local shoppers do not want super skylights or a steam shower, it makes no sense to add them. They often know what people expect in your area and can help you plan upgrades accordingly. In general, updates to the kitchen and bathrooms provide the highest return on investment.

Generally, a fresh coat of neutral paint, a new carpet, and a spruced-up landscape are low-cost ways to make a great first impression. You can replace the cabinet doors and hardware for a different look. For instance, if your kitchen cabinet doors are standard-issue, you can replace them with modern, Shaker-style doors on a weekend.

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