What exactly are “weed shakes,” and how can you avoid them?

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If you’ve ever used cannabis, you’re probably aware of some of its most prevalent adverse effects. Cannabis cotton mouth and the munchies, for example, are common side effects of a high. While pizza cravings are clearly not ideal, they do not constitute a medical event worthy of severe concern. Some users, getting high can lead to spontaneous muscle twitching that can be funny or downright frightening. You can use weed delivery Toronto

Anxiety or nervousness

Similar to being cold, being anxious can often lead to trembling or shaking. It is commonly acknowledged that greater amounts of cannabis can create anxiety or paranoia, and some persons appear to be more vulnerable to these effects than others. Human population studies have indicated that larger dosages of THC are frequently followed by anxiety, contrary to popular belief that individuals use marijuana to quiet down or relax.


Being chilly

We shudder or tremble when we are chilly. THC, one of the key cannabinoids found in cannabis, has been scientifically confirmed to reduce body temperature in animal populations and has been observed in humans. Although serious THC-induced hypothermia is almost unheard of in human populations, cannabis frequently lowers the body’s baseline temperature, which can cause shivering and trembling. Cannabis, influences nitric oxide in the body, which may govern the effects of cannabinoids on body temperature. You can also check weed delivery Toronto

Finally, CBD may be a game changer in the treatment of tremors. CBD has been shown to relieve some of the negative side effects of excessive THC use, such as anxiety and psychomotor impairment. Limiting the usage of other stimulants may also be necessary to halt the shaking. Wrapping up is a quick and easy way to stop shaking, especially because THC may be causing it by lowering your body temperature.

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