Collect Harvest Using Grain Chasers

Harvest Using Grain Chasers

Chaser bins are moving wagons or carts which allow the combines to unload the grains into them. Combines and chasing bins both have an auger conveyor system to transfer grains. A chasing bin has a large capacity ranging from 15 tonnes to 38 tonnes.

More About Chasing Bins

A chasing bin has an auger to transfer it’s content further hopper trailers. Chasing bins are huge beasts used to store and transport harvested grains, these inspite of being so enormous sizes have a special kind of chasis which allow them to run easily in the rough terrains of the fields. Chaser carries the grain or corn to other storing wagon which are further used in transporting the grains.

Grain Chasers

Why Use Grain Chasers

Bergmann manufactures superior chasing bins called grain chasers. The grain chasers have the following qualities:

  • Grain chasers have a superior built than other chasing bins, these have larger storages and large auger systems. The auger system of a grain chaser allows to unload with the speed of more than 1000 tonnes per hour, its auger is adjustable and uses hydraulic suspension, the auger of grain chaser has a controllable flap which prevents spilling of the grains.
  • The grainchasers have a very reliable bin structure that doesn’t include any kind of hydraulic lines associated with it so as to prevent any kind of contamination. These chasing bins have rugged drivelines with a standard gearbox with a large band, these bins have very strong suspension which is hydraulic in nature and is field-friendly, this kind of suspension allows bin chaser to run smoothly on farming lands which are situated in hilly regions.
  • The auger of grain chaser has various functions such as disengaging the auger allows the auger to lower down to the height of the field allowing the auger to empty up, the auger has a special kind of design which prevents accumulation of grain on the mouth of the auger while unloading, this prevents in overloading of drivebar and allows perfect performance.
  • Weight checking units are present on the body and the chasis of the grain chaser which allows the drivers to monitor the number of grains loaded into the bin. These cells provide information while loading and unloading and keep the driver updated in order to control the bins properly.

Bergmann’s grain chasers have superior built and exceptional made. These chasing bins outnumber other chasing bins available in the market, these chasing bins are specially designed by conducting different R&D researches and are suitable for any kind of farming lands and in any king of seasons, these chasing bins have best quality performance in terms of unloading also as they have specially designed and highly controllable augers to provide drivers full command over it. More can be known about grain chasers by visiting Bergmann’s site on the internet.

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