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How to protect your Instagram accounts

protect your Instagram accounts

Recently there has been a lot of news about the hacking of several bank accounts, including the International Monetary Fund network, the largest piggy bank of all. Coincidentally, news emerged that Instagram had increased their security with two-factor authentication. Both now have additional mechanisms that provide a more secure login process.

Two-factor authentication is called that for one reason: you need more than just entering your username and password, something you have in your face that is not so easy for someone to know (for example, your mother’s maiden name or the date of birth)) Both sites use text messages on their mobile phone as a short string as part of the login process: after setting up this, as long as you have a phone (and who doesn’t?), you can be sure that nobody can log in to your account.

Factor forms of authentication

In the old two-factor forms of authentication, small controls were used with a button: when you pressed the button, you received the code you used to enter when you entered the system. The number changes every 30 seconds or so, making hacking difficult. Using a mobile phone is much more convenient: scammers have been forgotten or lost.


Two-factor authentication has been around for a long time, and has recently been affected by the behavior of RSA, one of the leading companies in the market. Its SecurID system was compromised a few months ago, and the company slowly spread rumors and replaced its customers. As a result, several of its competitors took the lead and offered replacement offers.

But even better is what Instagram have created.

If you have an Instagram account, you can set it up in about 10 minutes: go to your personal account settings and you’ll see a menu item for two-factor authentication and follow the instructions shown on his blog as well as how to hack Instagram.

The problem is that adding a two-factor account to your Instagram account will create problems for other applications that access your account. If you use a smartphone or Outlook to access your messages, you must configure these applications to handle two-factor authentication. If you are reading your posts on a tablet, the same. Therefore, it may not be as easy as you think.


Instagram has received many attacks (well deserved) for its security, and recently introduced two-factor authentication. Go to the “Account” / “Account Settings” / “Account Security” section and enter the information requested in the “Login Permissions” section, at least until your menu changes and we will publish it elsewhere.

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