Quick Guide: Simple tricks to keep your car clean

car clean

Traveling on your car may seem convenient compared to traveling while on a commute, but it also comes with different consequences. If you travel a lot together with your family, chances are there will be dirt or food leftovers stuck in your car, or even dog hair and smelly sports clothes. When this happens, traveling on your car won’t be as convenient as it used to be because of the piled dirt. So the best thing to do is to clean it effectively if you want to travel again comfortably.

You can always let other people clean your car via car wash but do you need to waste your dollar on car wash when you can do it on your own? This article will provide you some simple tips in cleaning your car as well as some tricks in maintaining your car clean. (If you’re looking for some reliable cleaning product, make sure to check for more information)

Keep your cup holders clean by cleaning it with socks

There are certain areas and parts of your car that are considered prone to dirt. These areas are usually the ones that are either use or because of its location. And the cup holders are one of those areas, they are arguably the filthiest part of the car. From coffee spills, food crumbs, lint and some iced beverages spilling all over its tight corner. Perhaps you have been trying different ways to clean your cup holder, using a small vacuum can also work pretty well in those areas however it does not apply in all cases and all areas. Not all people have a small vacuum to work with, so if you’re one of those who do not have one, then it might be best to consider cleaning it with a sock and used a reliable cleaning spray to wipe off some food dust and beverage spill.

car clean

Maintain your car’s cleanliness with silicone muffin cups.

This is another alternative if you want to keep your socks to your feet and drawers. You can also keep your cup holders clean with a couple of silicone muffin cups. They have different sizes available in the market which allows you to choose the perfect one that would with the cup space. You can clean by popping them and giving it a rinse, this will protect the car’s cup-holder whether built-in or not. Plus, if you’re a coffee person this is a great thing because silicone maintains a good grip on your coffee cup avoiding less spillage when you’re moving.

Clean the sucked hair without using a vacuum.

The fact that this is eco-friendly is also an effective way to clean hair like pet hairs in your car. One thing about hair is that they will build quickly. You can always bring it to a car wash, but you can also clean it by using a very simple trick that involves a spray bottle with water and a squeegee. It’s as simple as spraying it with water and then finishing it off with a squeegee.

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