The World Of Processing And Recovery Of Precious Metals

precious metals recovery

There is a growing Industry in the detection and recovery of precious metals which are being extracted from end-of-life devices like catalytic converters. Modern catalytic converters are made by the chemical and mechanical compounding of se bveral materials which are classified as “Precious Metals”. Mainly, it is metals like PGM (Platinum Group Metals) which are used for these converters, which perform the essential function of dismantling the most lethal of air pollutants, which are the NOX group (Nitrogen Oxides). These catalysts separate Nitrogen from the Oxides, which are released as Free Oxygen to the atmosphere. The action of the catalyst in fact replaces the noxious emissions, particularly of automotive engines, with clean healthy oxygen. But like all man-made artifacts, these converters too reach the end of their lives. But the scrap converters are not yet fully finished, and do not need to be just thrown away on the rubbish dump just yet. They contain PGM as catalysts, such as Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium.  These highly costly precious metals which are rapidly rising in value in the Metal Exchange Traders market, if they fall in the right hands, can yield enormous returns to the wise investor. Worldwide, the precious metals recovery Processors are gaining ground, and setting up vast facilities to recover valuable PGM.

precious metals recovery

The Malaysian Star

The Malaysian-owned MNC (Multi National Company) which has a single, all-in-one, unique location in Malaysia itself, is generally looked upon as the International star of this business of PMG Recovery. This includes:

  • Contact Counseling Office.
  • The Sorting Plant.
  • The Processing Plant.
  • The Design, Research and Development Establishment.
  • Warehousing and Packaging.
  • Internet Connectivity Center.
  • The ownership Precious Metal Trading Exchange.
  • The Financial sister company which offers the Customers Leasing Loans.
  • The Program Management , for Customers.

It is an interdependent complex of many closely related functions, all of which have been developed to allow rapid expansion of the Customer’s fortunes.

The Network

The International Operations of the company is further augmented by the Online Network that has been developed to make it easy for Customers to interact with each other as well as the company itself. Important advice and data fields can be accessed through the Internet, and Trading in Precious Metals have become safe and swift through the Online in Real Time. The Cloud supported master networked Program Center provides the strong spinal element to the activities of this Malaysian company, and allows the latest algorithms to be applied to the constantly fluctuating Precious Metal Exchange Trading Exchange, for the benefit of the Customers.

The possibility of high percentage of precious metals recovery from Automotive and other Engine Catalytic Converters have opened up a fresh new venue.

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