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Lame Spoons For Better Coffee Stirrers

            Sadly the calories will quickly add up in your regular cup along with your various coffee stirrers. While black coffee itself is only a handful of calories, adding milk, flavouring, and sugar will raise the calorie count of a coffee reasonably quick. Happily, there are quick ways to make your coffee a little healthier every day.

  • Drink your coffee in black. Black coffee has less than ten calories per 8-ounce cup with espresso. Try buying a daily brew without any additional ingredients if you want to slash calories and keep your coffee as balanced as possible. Black coffee can be bitter, but your taste buds can respond to the bold flavour over time.
  • Choose almond milk. Like whole milk, which can make 180 calories for your cup of coffee, almond milk can keep your coffee under 100 calories per serving.
  • Keep artificial creamers away from your coffee. Artificial creamers are lined with additives and overloaded with sugar, making them, let alone your body, not the healthiest thing to put in your coffee. Look for coconut milk with a splash of vanilla extract instead of applying those creamers to your coffee. Instead, consider combining your favourite milk with a tablespoon of honey for a robust coffee addition packed with flavour. Build a homemade creamer if you’re feeling optimistic.
  • Brew your coffee with organic beans. When it comes to the sources of your coffee bean, it is a better choice for customers to purchase certified organic coffee. Clear of pesticides and other hazardous chemicals, certified organic coffee beans will ensure that no additional chemicals move through your morning brew into your bloodstream.

Lame Spoons For Better Coffee Stirrers

  • Make it chocolatey. Unsweetened cacao and dark chocolate are both perfect additions to any coffee drink, preferably in moderation. Reports have claimed other health benefits, such as cholesterol balance and possible cancer-preventing effects, these indulgent add-ins are ideal for mocha lovers everywhere.
  • Butter is your ally. Adding unsalted, grass-fed butter to coffee will give you a nice boost of energy without adding the added sugar or cream. You can add a small glob of this particular form of butter to your coffee, known as Bulletproof coffee, and use an immersion blender to make a frothy, homemade latte.
  • Swap out your mug. The colour of your coffee mug will affect your interpretation of a cup of coffee as sweet or bitter. While not conclusive, when drinking from a white mug, the research found that participants viewed coffee as more potent than when drinking from a clear cup.
  • Avoid the intake of coffee on an empty stomach. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach is an unhealthy habit that can cause various health risks, such as the damaged lining of the stomach and increased anxiety. Fortunately, by making sure to eat breakfast before enjoying your morning cuppa, you can prevent these potential risks. That said, it’s crucial not to over drink coffee during the day, and stop drinking it after 3 p.m. So you’re not interrupting your sleep schedule.

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