Benefits Of Turmeric Supplements

Supplemental turmeric may have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. People should conduct thorough research on the subject to select a turmeric supplement that best meets their needs and objectives.

Describe turmeric

The turmeric plant, a member of the ginger family, yields turmeric root. Many people buy ground turmeric root at stores to use as a spice in their cooking.

Curry powder’s main ingredient, turmeric, gives the spice mixture its distinct yellow-orange hue. The turmeric plant contains a substance called curcumin, where the color comes from.

Supplements containing turmeric typically come in pill form and include other components in addition to crushed turmeric root.

Do Turmeric Supplements Have Any Benefits?

Because of its anti-inflammatory effects, turmeric and the substance that makes up its active ingredient, curcumin, may help treat various illnesses characterized by inflammation. Numerous studies have suggested that curcumin can reduce inflammation and the signs and symptoms of inflammatory disorders, but further study is necessary to determine the ideal form and dosage because curcumin supplements are rather tricky for us to absorb.

Additionally, most studies on turmeric and curcumin have been conducted on animals or in vitro (in Petri dishes), and human trials have had conflicting results.

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The following persons may benefit from taking supplements with turmeric:

  • Inflammatory bowel disease: According to a 2018 study, those with mild to moderate ulcerative colitis who took an 80-milligram curcumin supplement three times per day for four weeks saw fewer urgent toilet visits (UC).
  • Other digestive issues: Traditional Asian medicine has utilized turmeric to treat digestive issues for hundreds of years. According to recent studies, curcumin is just as effective as omeprazole at treating digestive symptoms like gas, bloating, and stomach pain after four weeks of treatment.
  • Knee osteoarthritis patients: Although the evidence for the advantages is not as strong as it is for patients with RA, it may still be helpful for certain patients when combined with other treatments. According to recent research, curcumin pills may lessen pain, but they don’t appear to ease joint stiffness or increase activity levels. These investigations, however, involved people with mild to moderate osteoarthritis.

Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease are just a few of the inflammatory-related disorders for which turmeric is being investigated as a potential treatment (including cholesterol management). Though a few small studies have shown promise in certain areas, there is currently insufficient data to advocate supplementation as a form of treatment.

To be sure, talk to your doctor about the advantages (and disadvantages) of including a supplement like a turmeric in your routine. If the risks are minimal, it might be worthwhile to give it a shot. Visit the website of The islandnow to learn more about turmeric supplements.

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