How To Choose The Best Remote Pharmacy Verification

Pharmacy verification is a process that exists to validate the authenticity of a pharmacy. Pharmacy verification monitors information such as prescription fulfillment, inventory, and controlled substance distribution. This process also verifies that the pharmacy is licensed and in good standing with regulatory agencies.

License Verification

Pharmacies that verify their status through remote pharmacy verification companies must be licensed in all regions they serve. Verifying the license of a pharmacy will help you ensure that the business is legitimate and operating within legal constraints. If a prescription is filled outside of the United States, you can search for a pharmacy by searching for “registered pharmacies in <country you are shipping to>”.

Prescription History

The history of prescriptions written and filled by a pharmacy can be checked by using a verification company. This information will give you important insight into how trustworthy, efficient, and safe the pharmacy is with filling prescriptions. A reputable and safe pharmacy will have few complaints about its prescription integrity from patients or from regulatory agencies.

Pharmacy Enrollment

A pharmacy enrollment is a membership with a pharmacy verification company. The purpose of an enrollment is to allow pharmacists and pharmacies to provide controlled substances online and in other non-traditional settings. A good pharmacy will be enrolling with the best pharmacy verification services available, so it is important that you verify that the business you are working with has such an enrollment.

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Reviews of a pharmacy’s services and customer satisfaction can be sought out for the purpose of verifying if a business is operating in accordance with what customers have to say about their experiences ordering from the company. The identity of the reviewer(s) should be verified to ensure that the review is not from a disgruntled customer or other outside party.

Drug Distribution Method

It is vital to verify that your pharmacy is in compliance with regulations and laws regarding controlled substances, including benzodiazepines, narcotics, and similar drugs.

Controlled Substances Formulary

It is important to verify that the pharmacy has a controlled substances formulary, so you can ensure you are only filling prescriptions written by pharmacists who have the appropriate credentials and experience to write those medications. Your pharmacist should fill prescriptions according to your schedule and according to what you have ordered.

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