Hanging Roof Lights: A Quick Guide

Christmas lights for the roof

When choosing a theme for your roof light display, you have no limit to the creative possibilities since roof Christmas lights come in a wide range of bright colors. It is common for roof lights to be made of classic clear incandescent lights and warm white LED lights, as well as cool white LED lights that are vibrant and pure in color, and of course colorful bulbs that are fun to color.

  • White Christmas Lights: Symbolizing simplicity and enduring appeal, clear incandescent bulbs are still extremely popular at Christmas. In addition to casting a warm glow, incandescent lights are usually relatively inexpensive. To account for the additional wattage, they consume about the limits of your home and stringers, incandescent lights require more electrical planning. You can plan your electrical needs by visiting our page on how to calculate light wattage when using incandescent roof Christmas lights.
  • A white LED Christmas light can come in two kinds: warm white and cool white. You can even find opaque LED bulbs and visible filament LED bulbs to mimic the traditional look of incandescent bulbs. You can also add more lights to your home and have them shine brighter for longer by using LEDs because they use up to 90% less energy and last longer than incandescent bulbs.
  • Brightly colored Christmas bulbs make the brightest outdoor roof displays. Including C7 & C9 bulbs, icicle string lights, and string lights, Multicolor Christmas lights come in all the most popular roof lighting options. Adding string lights and net lights to your roof display will take it to the yard.

Combining two styles of lights across your roofline is one of our favorite outdoor Christmas light ideas. Adding a layer of lights creates a multidimensional display that truly stands out in the dark. To create a gorgeous roof light display, C9 bulbs have been layered with warm white icicle lights in the photo below. Both lights can be hung simultaneously on gutters with an all-in-one clip to achieve this layered look. If you wish to use dual light styles for shingles, however, you may need two light clips. It is impossible to determine how many lights and what length of string lights you will need without measuring first. Professional light installers always have a tape measure handy.

Christmas lights for the roof

  • Find out how to determine the best Christmas light clips to attach your roof lights using Christmas Light Clip Guide.
  • If you want to create a custom roof light display, you can purchase C7 & C9 bulbs and stringers individually or in a set with removable bulbs. The advantages include better wire color selection, easy bulb replacement, and the ability to change out bulb colors seasonally. Light spools and wire can be purchased and cut as needed for large or customized lighting projects.
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